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EZ Relocation: Meet Erin and Zoe

Updated: May 31

Redefining Luxury in Your Relocation Journey

We are thrilled to welcome you to EZ Relocation, thanks for stopping by our blog! We are a relocation consulting team and your guide for seamless moves to Spain and Portugal. As we embark on this exciting journey together, allow us to share a glimpse into our passion, background, and the remarkable opportunities that await you in these enchanting countries.


Our story begins with two friends and a shared love for travel. We met in 2015 working together for a major airline company and the last 3 years have joined forces in the Seattle, U.S.A. real estate market. From our individual to shared experiences, we believe that travel is the best teacher. Our journeys have enriched us with knowledge, experiences, and friendships that span the globe. We understand the importance of having a home base, a place that welcomes you back from all your adventures.

Why Spain & Portugal?

We love these countries for the inviting people and their way of life, delicious fresh food, 350 days of sunshine, and MANY more reasons. The speed and quality of living are so different than what we experience in the US- you get to live your life not just work for it. Sounds crazy right?

Every personal situation is different but in our opinion, these two countries offer easier routes to residency and citizenship for non-EU citizens. If you have been seeking an opportunity abroad we encourage you to schedule a call with us to find out which Visa program would work best for you!


Join the Community

Through our blog, we aim to be a trusted source of inspiration and knowledge, unveiling the endless possibilities that await you in Spain and Portugal. From vibrant cities brimming with history to tranquil coastal escapes and picturesque countryside retreats, these countries offer an array of choices for retirees, second-home purchasers, and savvy investors seeking remarkable opportunities.

We invite you to join our growing community of adventurers and seekers of a life well-lived. Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together, sharing insider tips, and celebrating the joys of relocating to the Iberian Peninsula.

Follow along on IG, TikTok and here on the blog!

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