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Have you ever found yourself wondering what life would be like in Spain or Portugal? Perhaps an international move seems like too much work or too complicated to even consider, however, we're experts in international relocation and would love to help you reach your dreams. We have comprehensive consulting packages and the services to make your move a reality.


From the initial planning of your exploratory trip, visa application process, connecting you to talented individuals through our robust global network of connections, and finally, to purchasing or renting a home and settling into your new town, EZ Relocation has the knowledge, advice, and sources to help.


Exclusive Services

General Procedures on Immigrating to Spain or Portugal

Need advice on where to start learning about the process and what your timeline will look like for your big move? We've got you covered.

Selling Your Property in the United States

Are you selling your current property or holding it? Do you live in Washington or a different state? We have broker referrals all over the country to assist you. We'll utilize Sotheby's International Realty's amazing network of talented brokers to get you started wherever you are. 

Exploring Visa Options

Let's chat through the difference between visas and figure out which type would be the best fit for your situation. 

Home-Purchasing Process in Spain or Portugal

We provide an overview of what to expect, differences in the process compared to the U.S., connections to trusted brokers in cities of interest, and more.


How We Operate

Schedule a Discovery Call and complete the accompanying questionnaire. This will allow us to understand your unique situation and prepare before we speak with you about your goals to move abroad.

During our call, we'll discuss your responses, questions, and concerns so you are confident and comfortable with your options and next steps.

You'll receive a post-consultation recap email and package proposal (within two days of our meeting). This written summary will include your goals, points raised during the consultation, and options of how we can assist you. Sometimes just seeing the elements of your plan simplified and in writing makes it feel much more manageable!

Book Now

Let's Figure It Out, Together

  • Introductory Consultation

    45 min
    250 US dollars
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